125 Years of Expertise

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Puccioni has developed different fertilizers suitable to a wide range of crops, on different climatic conditions. The company is present in the world's most important agricultural areas, selling their fertilizers directly or through local distributors. Now, Puccioni products are available in the US. Click here to see to a US customer success story.

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Product Lines

Water Soluble

This line of fertilizers is the most versatile. These products can be used in all applications, from greenhouses to fruit and vegetable growers to corn, soybeans, or hay farmers.


Biostimulants stimulate plant growth while also increasing resistance to stress. These products can be used for fruit, vegetables, corn, soybeans, hay or other similar crops.


These products help to replenish nutrient deficiencies, such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

Foliar Fertilizers

This product line guarantees rapid integration of nutritive elements into plants. These products are most useful to landscapers, but also can be used for fruit and vegetable growers.

A Smart Investment

Low Impact

Using less fertilizer to obtain higher yields means less environmental impact. Puccioni products eliminate the impact of ethylene caused by crop stress.

Low Cost

Because of the efficiency of our products, you can use less, and thus save money. Products are applied easily using a foliar application through tank mixes, and they mix well with other products.

Higher Yield

Puccioni products contain a unique technology that up-regulates key genes to increase root growth, stress tolerance and overall plant health.